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Twisted Metal 2

Crash Bandicoot: Warped

Bugs Bunny Lost In Time

Wipeout XL

South Park

Katamari Damacy (PS2)

I Love Katamari (iPhone/iPad)

Twisted Metal 2

Special attacks:

Freeze ball = < > ^

Napalm = > < ^

Jump = ^ ^ <

Shield = ^ ^ >

Rear Attack = < > v (can be followed by Freeze or Napalm)

Mines = > < v

Invisibility (only lasts three seconds) = > v < ^

Minion Attack = ^ v ^ ^ Fire (Note: Minion's Attack can be used by any vehicle.)

Cyburbia track: At the 2-player challenge match screen, v ^ L1 R1

Jet Moto's Suicide Swamp track: At the 2-player challenge match screen, ^ v > R1

Rooftops track: At the 2-player challenge match screen, v < R1 v

Commands specific to certain arenas:

Moscow sign: ^ v > R1

Paris, Mona Lisa: ^ v L1 R1

Hong Kong, on top of train: v < R1 v

Unlimited weapons: During game play, while holding L2+R2 press: ^ v < > > < v ^

God mode: During game play, while holding L1+L2+R1+R2 press: ^ v < > > < v ^

I have found a fairly reliable way to jump the fence in Paris. Unlike in LA and the other Paris method I've read, you don't need to use remote bombs. This method works on your car's inertia alone!

Once you're outside the fence you can:

If you want to drive back into the arena, it's best to do so by going through a transparent barrier — in other words, jump over the visible walls. Use a remote bomb to jump yourself up and turbo forwards. If you try to just drive straight through a visible wall you will often get "stuck" rattling back and forth on the boundary, half-in and half-out.

Also sometimes you get "stuck" in the boundary while trying to jump out, particularly in the Paris method I just described. When you're stuck in this particular corner I've found that rotating left or right while holding turbo will usually get you unstuck.

You can even get "stuck" in the wall by getting attacked while backed into a corner. This is how I first got the idea of trying to get through that corner in Paris — I was attacked by several enemies at once and ended up rattling inside the corner, then used turbo to get unstuck and ended up outside the arena.

Crash Bandicoot: Warped

On level 3 "Orient Express", if you're holding the square button to make the tiger run faster, you don't have to jump over most of the gaps. Apparently the tiger is running so fast he takes the gap in one stride. There is just one place is the level where I had to let up on the square button, and that was on the second "springboard" — if you want to take the springboard you have to take it at normal speed, otherwise the tiger can't get high enough before reaching the wall. (And boy, when that tiger hits the wall, he really hits the wall!)

Bugs Bunny Lost In Time

This is perhaps the most satisfying game I have played (although I haven't played many). The main reason is that they seem to have made it a little easier to work through than other similar games (like Crash 3). The artwork (both 2-D backgrounds and 3-D rendered objects) is great because of its similarity to the classic Warner Brothers cartoons. They seem to have put a lot of effort into using the classic cartoons as a guide whenever possible and this makes the whole thing seem a lot less "made-up", a problem that I have noticed with most other games.

I've only gone 35% of the way through the game, but so far I haven't been frustrated by much. In Crash 3 I had to leave a number of levels (most notably the scuba diving levels) incomplete.

Starting at about the 30% point you will begin to find lots of things to jump on that you cannot use because you don't have a special ability yet. Also, other levels appear to be unsolvable for no apparent reason. At about the same point you will probably also notice that a whole lot of new levels open up all at once. Thus, you have a lot of work to do to figure out what levels should be done first to get the special abilities you need to finish the other levels.

Wipeout XL

To get ships that look like animals (bees, snails, etc.) reset the Plaaystation, and hold L1 + R2 + SELECT + START until you get the first graphic "Wipeout XL" screen.

More tracks:

At main menu hold L1+R1+SELECT while entering [] () /\ () []. Note that some of the tracks do not appear unless you select a more advanced class.

Piranha team:

This team (ship) has the maximum possible value of all attributes (thrust, top speed, turning ability, shield energy and aerodynamics). At main menu hold L1+R1+SELECT while entering >< >< >< >< () /\ []

Infinite energy:

During a game, pause (SELECT+START). Then hold L1+R1+SELECT while entering /\ >< [] () /\ >< [] ()

Infinite time:

During a game (in "arcade" mode only, not "time trial"), pause (SELECT+START). Then hold L1+R1+SELECT while entering /\ [] () >< /\ [] () ><.

Infinite weapons:

During a game, pause (SELECT+START). Then hold L1+R1+SELECT while entering >< >< [] [] () () /\.

Machine Guns:

This code equips your ship with machine guns. Make sure weapons are enabled in Main menu -> Options -> Preferences. During a game, pause (SELECT+START). Then hold L1+R1+SELECT while entering [] () >< [] () >< /\. To fire the guns, press O. If nothing happens, go back to the main menu and see if you disabled weapons.

This game has the very nice feature that it can be made very simple or very complex based on the option settings. Few games seem to control difficulty this way, choosing instead to adjust speeds or amounts of things while leaving all game elements in place.

To learn how to steer the ship, use the "infinite time" code above (only works in "arcade" mode, not "time trial").

The simplest mode of play, and the place to start if you find the other modes overwhelming or too dependent on random luck, is the "time trial". In this mode there are no other ships to run into, and no weapons (which are useless without other ships anyway). The time trial mode is an easy way to get to know the course, which you need to do if you're going to do well with competitors.

Then switch to arcade mode and turn weapons off. (Main menu -> Options -> Preferences -> Weapons off.) This disables all the power-ups you fly over except the blue arrows which give you a boost of speed. Playing this way, after you know the course, lets you learn how to deal with collisions and avoid getting pushed into the wall by enemies.

This might be a good point to choose what type of ship you want to fly (chosen by the "team" setting in Options). Whenever you change your ship you have to relearn the course (particularly on the tough courses) because your timing on tight curves has to agree with your ship's reaction time.

Once you can breeze through arcade mode with weapons off, turn weapons on and play Wipeout XL the way it was intended.

South Park

In God mode you can rack up points on pretty nearly any level that has tanks by killing the tanks' minions without killing the tanks. This is easiest in the robot factory (Level 4 Stage 2): Jump up onto the conveyor belt, get inside the machine and face out, and keep killing the new robots as they appear. The Warpo Ray will allow you to get about 48,000 points per minute (or 69 million per day) this way. I left it running a few weeks and ran the score up to 1,654,200,000. Invincibility does not last forever — in my tests it has ended at some point between 12.9 million and 14.6 million (however, I think it's probably a time-based condition, not score-based).

You might notice that the "core" in the alien spaceship (the end of Level 3 Stage 3) has no gravity — you can point in any direction you want (including up and down) and move in that direction, even if that means your "feet" would be off the ground. While you're checking this out, make sure to shoot some toilet plungers at the energy ball, just to see them stick to it, rotate for a while and then fall off.

Here's my list of the cheat codes. There are plenty of other lists like this but hey, mine's in alphabetical order by the name of the character! (-:

Barbrady see "Officer Barbrady"
Mrs. Cartman KALLWOMAN
Gay Al see "Big Gay Al"
Kyle's little brother see "Ike"
Mad Scientist see "Mephisto"
Officer Barbrady DELVISLIVES
Starvin' Marvin see "Marvin"
Terrance SRAFT
Visitor see "Alien"

=Katamari Damacy= (PS2)

,----------------. | 5-5 | | _ | | (B) | | | 4 1 | | 4 | 3 | | | | 2-2 S | `----------------' 6   

+--------------------------------------------+ | | | | | ___b_b_b_b_b_b_b_b____ | b b b = bushes | +-----------------+ bs [ | bs = back step | | ....ctr..----+..+-+ [ | ctr = counter | | | kt | F| [ | kt = kitchen table | | . . . +--+----' | [ | F = fridge | | . . | [ | [ = fence | +--+----------+ . | [ | | | | .____| pots [ street | | ,--. | | | ## | | | | | : . :to x | to = tools | | `--' : .sh : mk 50 | sh = shoes mk = milk | | | | | ## | | +------+...+...+---+ [ | | +-s-|.T.| [ | s = sword T = toilet | +---+ [ | +--------------------------------------------+

I Love Katamari (iPhone/iPad)

Residence (level 1)

(music: Katamari on the Rocks - Dokaka)


    5cm 1mm: mahjong tile


    8cm: eraser

    9cm: chewing gum


    11cm: cassette tape

    16cm 4mm: onigiri (rice ball)

    17cm 4mm: sketchbook


    21cm 7mm: coffee can


    35cm: orange juice

    39cm: cat-free bottle



    90cm?: calico cat

max: 1m 17cm 2mm (23.4× larger)

Back Yard (level 2)

(music: You Are Smart)


    15cm 5mm: toy railroad car

    20cm: watermelon slice

    26cm: mayonnaise

    29cm: toilet paper roll


    35cm: orange juice


    45cm: jump the first wall



    1m 23cm: bulldog

    1m 44cm: Mutsuo Hoshino

1m 80cm

2m 30cm

max: 2m 42cm 7mm (16.2× larger)

Park (level 3)

(music: Katamari Holiday - Yuusama)


    72cm: watermelon

    89cm: kerosene tank

    95cm: floaties


    1m 12cm: toolbox

    1m 19cm: umbrella

1m 50cm

    1m 60cm: sidewalk marker

2m 30cm

3m 40cm


max: 5m 74cm 7mm (9.58× larger)

Town (level 4)

(music: Houston - Katamari Robo)


1m 50cm

    1m 73cm: organ

    1m 92cm: log

    1m 99cm: wooden bench




    5m 36cm: camping tent

7m 50cm

    8m 55cm: small tree



    18m 50cm: bus

    28m: school building


max: 30m 37cm 6mm (30.4× larger)

Resort (level "4b" — this level was added to the game in October 2010 along with the Game Center features.)

(music: Angel Rain - instrumental)



1m 80cm

2m 30cm

3m 40cm

5m 70cm

7m 70cm



max: 36m 88cm 6mm (73.8× larger)

Island (level 5)

(music: Katamari on the Rocks - Dokaka)









max: 764m 58cm 0mm (25.5× larger)

Levels 1, 4, and 5 (Residence, Town, Island) could hypothetically be linked together in sequence, because the largest possible katamari size in each is a little bigger than the start size for the next. Based on the maximum possible size in Island, the total growth in diameter across the entire game is 15291.6× (which is 3.6×1012 in volume).

Other music:

Overture (from KD soundtrack, track 3) (used in the opening splash screen that has a rainbow)

(an alternate arrangement of) Fugue #7777 (from KD soundtrack, track 5) (at beginning of level, when King is telling you your assignment)

Lovely Angel (from KD soundtrack, track 17) (after a level, when King is evaluating your results)

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