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Rarely-used but essential info for using Windows

Disable Windows Scripting Host

Windows XP : Start button -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> Windows Setup -> Accessories -> Windows Scripting Host, and uncheck the box. Save changes and close the window.

How to disable VB scripting, ActiveX, etc

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Two Internet Explorer Icons appear in Taskbar

Windows 7 : Check each of the places you have a shortcut to IE: common locations are the desktop, the Start menu, and pinned to the taskbar itself. Determine where they link to. They should all link to the same version of IE. There is a 32-bit version, in C:\Programs (x86)\iexplore.exe, and a 64-bit version in C:\Programs\iexplore.exe. If you have shortcuts linking to different versions, and you routinely use both shortcuts, you'll often end up having both copies of Internet Explorer running at the same time.

I have installed toolbars/plugins/extensions, added bookmarks, changed settings, etc. in Internet Explorer, and the changes have disappeared without explanation

Windows 7 : See "Two Internet Explorer Icons appear in Taskbar

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