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Elephant Valley    

Robert P. Munafo, 2023 Apr 16.

Colloquial name for R2.C(0) , the cusp of R2a. It is so-named for the shapes of the features (see Main Sequence and R2.C(0)) which resemble elephant heads and trunks.

0.29833 +0.00111i  +0.1
0.29833 +0.00111i @ +0.1

The cusp R2.C(0), colloquially called "elephant valley".
.-mF'YmdmdCamF*\F~ ../~**^ ^^(\@@)"m` R2a . '^(m@ ., ^^^` __de.,]@^\_._F _amb-'*$@)F(`*" .'^*ac _ ^**~^ _ad%mm/(amm/ .,'"b^ .^*@/-` ./@*vdC)m/ _,aL,F_.c^*^ _.e/),:***^ _.:(/La"*"` __aa^-)~^^ ..,_md"*'^ __._,-"^^` ---`*:%__, '^`-v__,_ `^*Yam.__ ^""L-)\__, ''(TF"ame, '"\)`'mmm_ `"F`b^'`_m__ '~@m"YC)*\ `-aF_,'_m@\-, "Y%**T("**\ '-_m"` ^__mm\_ "*F-:m$@7b(,me R2a ^Y"'`]@_~^'^L ._(*@ '`.____,, '^' ''^^^ ` Coordinates: +0.29833 +0.00111i @ +0.10000

More generally, every island has its own "elephant valley" within which one will find elephant medallion and cauliflower medallion features.

revisions: 19980107 oldest on record; 20120416 add illustration; 20230417 generalisation and reference to embedded Julia sets

From the Mandelbrot Set Glossary and Encyclopedia, by Robert Munafo, (c) 1987-2024.

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