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HyperCalc Functions    

This is an old web page concerning the version of HyperCalc scientific calculator for Palm organizers. It was never finished; and the software was never made available. You probably want to return to the main Hypercalc page.

List of Defined Functions

Following is a list of all of the available functions and operations with a description of what they do.

sqrt Square root of X

This function computes the square root of X. More precisely, it computes the real component of the square root of X, the effect of which is that if you take the square root of a negative number you get 0.

exp E to the power of X

This gives the value of e (2.718281828459045...) raised to the power of X. This is also sometimes called the natural antilogarithm function.

x! Factorial function

This is actually a Gamma function, and it calculates Gamma(X+1). For positive integers this is equal to the factorial of X, but it is also defined for non-integers and negative numbers. For example, Gamma(1/2) (or -1/2 factorial) is the square root of pi, as you can see if you enter +/- . 5 x! x2

The Gamma function obeys the relation:

Gamma(X+1) = (X+1) . Gamma(X).

which has the side-effect that for negative numbers the x! function is alterately positive and negative according as the number is even or odd (after removing any fraction). For example, -2.5! is 2.363271... and -3.5! is -0.945308...

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