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Computer History — Prices    

The following is a summary of prices of class A and B machines, derived from newsgroup articles and other easily accessible unofficial sources.

('*' after author means it also includes some benchmarks, or more system prices)

Date Newsgroup Author * System Price
search on "sun ultra hpc costs":
19971122 comp.benchmarks John McCalpin * SGI Origin 2000 (32-cpu) $1.0M
Sun HPC 10000 (128-cpu) $5.6M
Sun HPC 10000 (64-cpu) $2.8M
search on "sun ultra hpc price":
19970923 uwo.comp.sun.announce Rick Baker * Sun Ult. Enter. 450 (250 MHz) $22K
19970623 comp.sys.sgi.hardware Adam Steffes * SGI Power Challenge R10000 (195MHz) $50K+
SGI Indy R5000 (180MHz) $12K
personal correspondance 20010109 n/a MM1 * dual Pentium-III or P-4 2600 to 3300

also check: or search for "price bench97 ratios"

Machines rated about 9 GFLOPs in 199712 (from Linpack Parallel file):

Sun Ultra HPC 6000 (250 MHz), 22 proc

Sun Ultra HPC 10000 (250 MHz), 22 proc

SGI Power Challenge (90 MHz), 40 proc

DEC 4100 5/400 (400 MHz) 24 proc

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