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abbreviations: RT: related term, WT: wider term, NT: narrower term, SYN: synonym , ANT: antonym . . . more about these

This little twisty maze of thoughts, all different, was inspired by a similar map of Hofstadter's mind in his book Goedel, Escher, Bach.


RT Related Term . . . SYN SYNonym . . . ANT ANTonym
WT Wider Term (also BT, Broader Term, and GT, General Term)
TT Top Term (the widest term of a hierarchy)
NT Narrower Term (also ST, Specific Term)
USE heading deprecated, USE following term instead
UF heading is Used For the following term
SN Scope Note helps explain where or how the word/phrase is used

5 levels of reality:
NT: physical reality
NT: emotional reality
NT: feeling reality
NT: mental reality
NT: spiritual reality

12-step programs:
RT: LGATs RT: confessions WT: self-help movements RT: support groups

RT: Minot's Light RT: rily beasts RT: unquadtrium

web page

WT: world history RT: 1989

1950's futurism:
WT: futurism RT: year 2000

RT: Elvis RT: Apple II

RT: Ronald Reagan RT: Goedel, Escher, Bach RT: John Lennon

RT: Providence Country Day School RT: Cosmic Wimpout

RT: Macintosh RT: 1984 (Orwell novel)

1984 (Orwell novel):
RT: 1984 RT: censorship
WT: dystopia
WT: futurism

WT: world history RT: Berlin Wall
RT: 1914

2001 A Space Odyssey:
RT: year 2000 RT: HAL

RT: Abbott and Costello RT: Flatland

Abbott and Costello:
RT: Abbott WT: non-gay male duos

accelerating change:
RT: Extropianism RT: Blue Man Group RT: futurism RT: Internet RT: Moore's Law
RT: near future
RT: world history

NT: Five-letter acronyms with the F-word

acting skill:
RT: actor RT: actor as commentator
RT: observer mind
RT: pantomime
RT: literal emotion

RT: poet/orator RT: acting skill RT: actor as commentator RT: Broadway RT: theatre

actor as commentator:
RT: acting skill RT: Brecht
RT: actor


Adolescence of P-1:
RT: Internet Worm RT: distributed AI RT: HAL
RT: Webb Scales
RT: military computers
RT: War Games
RT: artificial intelligence

WT: my performances

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