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Notable t-1 Posts by @taixzo

@mscha, OTT:2369:7 (the first t-1 frame)

@mscha, OTT:2454:23 (the final t-1 frame)

@ggh, OTT:2477:0 (gives the translations for all the Proto-Beanish text, and identifies @taixzo as the creator of t-1)

@taixzo, OTT:2486:33 "The making of t-1: PROLOGUE"

@taixzo, OTT:2500:0 ("thought transmissions" from 2015 Feb and 2015 June)

ONGing (on a Mac)

After an ONG, one would click here

type cmd-L, cmd-C, cmd-`, cmd-V

click Submit

(and either be ninja'd or not) Ch*rp! Ninja'd again!

click-drag (to select [img] tag)

click (to put the selected text in a Spoiler:)

click to place carat where I want to type

type Edit: Ninja'd

click Submit button


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