Mandelbrot Set Explorer by David Eck

(with changes by Robert Munafo -- 20230505 row-by-row version)

Successive Refinement version is here

Drag on the image to draw a rectangle, and it will zoom in on that area. (Click here for more info, instructions, and examples.)


Image size 512x512. Idle.

If the Mandelbrot image window is blank, in a new tab visit about:config, then search for "fileuri", and change the security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy to false.

Mandelbrot examples can be coded as "XML documents." You can copy-and-paste the XML code
for an example into this text input box. Click "Apply" to import the example. Click "Cancel" or
press ESC to cancel. The "Grab Current Example" button reloads the XML for the example that
is currently shown in the main window (use this to cancel any edit you may have made without
the need to reopen this editor).


Palette Length
%  Offset