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Warren, Rhode Island
7 Lord Hall - HB 2801
Phi Tau - Glee Club - GSA
Married to

Rick Hendrie


Tyler Made

Rhonda Kapit Wynston-Kraft

Roger Bourgeois

Joseph Fineman

Peter Gemma

Andrew Sornborger

Susan Gillis Stephens

Robert Munafo

Independent Researcher * Studied Electrical Engineering at Dartmouth College * Lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts * Married to Rick Hendrie * From Slidell, Louisiana

Robert is learning Japanese.
    My favorite part is the Chinese charcters - you have to learn thousands of them, and there are only a few patterns with many exceptions - just like learning words in English I suppose.

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Robert gave a talk at Rutgers.
    I showed hitherto-unseen complexity in the pattern-forming behavior of the Gray-Scott reaction-diffusion system. For cool pictures, videos, and slides go to and .

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Robert got married to Rick Hendrie.

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Robert worked as a chimney sweep.
    No kidding - Chim-chimeny-yes-siree! The trade professional experience was great, and I learned a lot about how to handle fear of heights and how to talk to customers (same answer in both cases). The views were great, the weather not-so.


That's me about 40 feet off the ground, atop a huge mansion near Boston.

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Robert has written hundreds of web pages.
    My main site is (named after my house name at Phi Tau). Most is about math, science, and/or computers, but there is something to interest nearly anyone.

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Robert worked for VideoGuide.
    We created a "set-top box" with TV listings, news, sports and weather. The cool thing about it was that it was sold at Radio Shack, and my name was in the credits along with about 15 co-workers. I did the infrared remote control input and output.

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